More about Us

Our geographical boundaries are limitless and global.

Our values and philosophies. All points global has need of assistance, help, protection and understanding. It is through our collaborative vision, partners and users that we seek to utilize through our funds of proceed to make both the human and pet world a healthier and happier place for all.

"In all things applied we are also a pro-environment company in all we promote and do, we have a strong belief of all things equal and necessity in the achievements of balance!"

Our Mission Statement!

Who we are!

The primary purpose which identifies the operations of Pet Logic Technologies Inc. Are first to the welfare, safety, security of all animals and pets, but also in providing those same protections to mankind, in strengthening the best friends bonds with our pets. Much the same as the key-link in a chain we bridge the gaps, fill voids, build the chain, providing those necessary resources bringing together all things pet related in supplying a one stop resource and tool. This we achieve through a well organized network of filling important needs, building a vastly intuitive and informative resource database from the supplier to the end user and everything in between, all in collaborative contribution for the greater well being of those animals we love and care to call our family. Our operational heart is achieved from usage of our APP "mypetcompass", and the contributions of all whom make use of the tool provided for them, free to download, welcome to the Team.