CEO of four legged Friends

Hi, my name Is Chewbacca,

I was a very much a large part of the inspiration in the planning, design, development of Pet Logic Technologies Incorporated and the "mypetcompass" applications for both IOS and Android cellular devices. I do not take all the credit however, as there was many other 4 legged and two legged friends of mine out there that have also inspired this free app to be.

As you can see I am extremely cute and love to cuddle, I also have some really great adoptive Parents and Grandparents that love me very much, I am very spoiled but please do not tell them that. 


This is me with Bailey a couple of years back, Bailey was my best friend in the entire world, we went and did everything together, he protected, loved and looked after me when I was small. Unfortunately Bailey is no longer with us and I miss him allot as does the rest of my Family, he lived to a very old age ,full and active life right up until that day, we have lots of really great memories and times together we shall never forget, Bailey was also an inspiration to this development to.


I am a very active dog, as you will see I go everywhere with both my adoptive parents and grandparents, love the great out doors, Camping, Hiking, Sailing, Exploring, most of all I love to run, play and make other friends. Danger and Fear is not a word in my vocabulary as I love everything. I even tried making friends with a Bee once and that didn't go over very well, we now appreciate each other from a slight distance as I am also fascinated with things that fly. Below are some of my action photos of my many adventures

Me with Santa Clause

Me with Grampy and a bunch of my Duck friends

Here I am exploring while hiking the trails

This is me in a bit of trouble again, but that is OK I am so cute I'm quickly forgiven, really I just fell in by accident.

This is Wazey and I at a Marina, Wazey's  a seeing eye service dog which makes Her kind of special and loves boating as much as me. 

Here is another friend I met that was visiting he could even speak human and sing.

Finding Grandpa's Hat 

Just me being Cool with Dad

My Birthday

The Pirate Look

My visiting Cousins 

Hiding and bonding with my toys. 

Gramps and me play fighting, no worries I'm not really biting, grampy is so fun I get away with everything

More toys

Exploring the mud flats

Mud is fun

Grandma, Grand  dad and I hanging out at anchor, they love me very much so I am not allowed to have my life Jacket off until were stopped. But I do like wearing it as it makes me feel and look so Cool. The girls love it to

Leaves in the fall smell nice, are pretty and very much fun

Waking Gramps up while grandma makes breakfast. Time for my morning walk and then a sail

There's no life like it!

This is Me in action helping to sail the boat, you will notice my Cool life Jacket.

My Lets Play Look!

My Chewy's in the Hood Look!

The windswept Look!

I really like Water, fish are really neat to watch too

After a Long Hard Days Play

My message of love...

I Do hope you enjoyed viewing some of my action photos and adventures, if I am lucky you have also fallen in love with me too. You see I am no different than any other Pet. We are adopted and taken in by you in joining your family, that decision of adoption made by you we expect it a life long one. Where we just want to be loved and to give with all our little hearts love back, in sharing a good life of that love with you.

My message is very simple...

In this world we all share there are no bad Pet breeds or types of pets, there is however sometimes bad parents of that pet or pet owners. If you adopt us realize that decision you make is for life, treat us well and look after us and we will always love you whole heatedly. 

Please watch over, care for and look after my friends.

Sincerely Yours with all my Love


CEO For All my friends