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Cost of Training A Guide Dog

  • Initial cost for Guide Dog = $50,000
  • Ongoing cost                       = $1,200 yearly
  • Estimated working span   = 8 years

Total cost for a guide dog          = $59,600

4.9% + 0.40 cents per Transaction

Bank Service Fee 2.9%

Bank Transaction Fee 0.029 cents

Pet Logic Technologies Service Admin 2.0%

Pet Logic Technologies Transaction Fee 0.10 cents


4.9 + 0.40 

Cost of Training a (SAR) Search and rescue Dog

  • Associated costs can run upwards to = $30,000

Cost of all other Service Animals

can range in cost from:

  • Basic skill sets           = $7,000
  •  Advanced skill sets = $20,000 

Our Policies on Donation's

  • Donations raised are forwarded to your Local approved and accredited Non Profit Organization. 
  • We forward your Name, address and details on to the accredited non profit recipient for their responsibility of issuing and mailing any appropriate receipt in your name for taxation purposes. 
  • We have some costs involved with collecting and processing the administration of raised funds, as such we want you to know and understand exactly where all your money is going, please see our diagram explanation below.

We know and understand your generous donation is a gift of special purpose, that it needs to end up where you intended it to go, in name of benefit to you, in the location that is nearest you. In releasing funds to those locations we follow all local governance of guidelines, policies and or Laws that may apply. The receiving organization must be an approved, certified and accredited non profit organized recipient of proceeds by that governance. In this Pet Logic Technologies Inc. is not a non profit entity, we only provide the ease, means, avenue, service, and vehicle from you, to the non profit registered location from which you may do so. 

Please Note*

  • This page is dedicated to Donations to recognized charitable non profit organizations only.  If your intent was towards making a gift towards one of gifting to Pet Logic Technologies Inc. You may find out more of how to do so by clicking here.