User Guide for Lost & found Pets

Lost Pet or Found

Quick Steps 

Fill out your profile completely

Download the Free App here

From pets profile select report loss

Fill your Pets profile, add photo 

Enter details, Notification radius, and ensure to also select share on social media bottom right, press report top right followed by choosing from the pop up a social media. Your all set its posted, reported, indexed, notified, and others are now looking around you too to help return your pet safe.

*Tip after first post go back to your pets profile to see the share button, tap to also place on each of your other social mediums no need to re-type.

What will it do?

  • Post Quickly to all your social media's
  • Notify everyone with the app on screen, within 3,5,10, miles of your reported lost pet location.
  • Fast tap options for contact to you,if your pet is spotted.
  • Automatically listed in the apps lost pet index.
  • Check also the found pets index for your pet incase your pet was already found and reported by another.
  •  Once your pet is safely back in your hands please report by pressing delete in the lost/injured pets tab, updating the system.
  •  Thank us later we like hear about happy endings.